Mass Times
  • Masses currently are working on a revised schedule due to COVID-19

  • May 26th update - please see Father's letter posted here in this link

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Weekend Masses:



  • 5pm (English) > suspended at this time

  • 7pm (Español) > see link for startup date & restrictions


  • 8am (English) > suspended at this time

  • 10:30am (English) > see link for startup date & restrictions

Weekdays Masses:

Monday - Friday

  • 9am (English) > see link for startup date & restrictions

Monday Only (Mass + Novena)

  • 9am  (English)  > suspended at this time




  • 4:00 - 4:45pm > suspended at this time

New time see link for startup date/time & restrictions


We recognize in each sacrament a distinct step in your journey as a disciple, someone who realizes Jesus’ love and responds to his call.


Sacraments of Initiation: 

Baptism:  In Baptism we are reborn as God’s sons and daughters. Children are baptized when parents have renewed their own faith. Adults come to baptism and confirmation as disciples through the catechumenate process.


Confirmation:  Confirmation by the special anointing of the Holy Spirit completes initiation, usually at age 15, for youth who prepare through a discipleship process. Adult candidates have a separate preparation.


Eucharist:  The Eucharist is the center of our life with Jesus, with four celebrations each weekend.  First Communion takes place at 8 or older, after two years of catechesis.


Each of these Sacraments of Initiation for children is given based on the parents’ own commitment to grow as disciples. 


Sacraments of Healing:

The sacraments of forgiveness and healing are Jesus’ continuing action to bring us his disciples through our failure and weakness to the fullness of salvation. 


Reconciliation:  Reconciliation through individual confession takes place as scheduled and by arrangement. Communal celebrations are in Advent and Lent. Children confess before First Communion at 7 or 8 years of age.


Anointing of the Sick:  Anointing of the Sick is given at Sunday Mass in October and May to all who have serious or chronic health problems with the whole community interceding. We anoint individually at home, hospital and nursing homes.


Sacraments of Vocation: The vocations to serve grow out of a community of disciples which recognize and affirm the gifts for ministry and service coming from the Holy Spirit. 


Marriage:  Marriage is the vocation to family love, and is celebrated after preparation over the preceding year. Divorce and annulment counseling are available. 

Holy Orders: Holy Orders is the vocation to lead the community and to serve the community in the priesthood and the diaconate. Both are preceded by years of preparation at the diocesan level.



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