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John 13:34

A letter from our Pastor

Fr. John Hynes, March 20, 2020


Dear Friends,

Grace and peace be with you.  Remember, nothing happens outside of God’s will.  No matter what evil overtakes us, even human wrongdoing, God gives us the means to face it, handle it and even draw good from it.

The Coronavirus requires us to function as a parish in a radically different new way.  For these next few weeks, through Holy Week and Easter, and perhaps months, we must be alert to one another, and how God leads us.  Below I give some directions for how we shall go until the crisis is over. 

We will be posting messages and information on our website and social media, so please stay in touch:

Our website:  https://www.scswilmde.org

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/scswilmde

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/scswilmde/

Some helpful information to keep in mind:

In-Person Mass & Confessions: will not be held at this time

St Catherine Sunday Gospel/Homily:  weekly I will share a video on our Instagram & Facebook

The “Weekly Pastoral Thought”: will appear on our website under the “This week” menu section. 

Daily Scripture Reflections: appear on the website main page – scroll down to the "Upcoming Events"

  • These "Scripture at Home" reflections will be stemming from the Sunday Gospel, prayers to Jesus and helpful for spiritual communion

Sunday Mass: you can find Daily & Sunday Mass on https://www.ewtn.com

Virtual Confessions: can be arranged over the phone

Offertory: Regarding the offertory, we anticipate a big reduction, since all Masses are cancelled.  This eliminates almost all our revenue.  I realize that some of you, through loss of work, can’t give.  We will pray for your, and if you need help with food or medicine, call us.  For those who are able to keep giving, we offer the following suggestions:

  • On-line Banking

  • PayPal

  • Physically Mail Checks

For details on how to contribute click this link or visit the "Give" section of this website

Weekly Bulletin: click on the "Bulletin" button below this letter

Other Needs: Much can be handled by calling the parish office 302-633-4900; sick calls, anointing, requests for prayer, appointments with a priest, requests for baptism, marriage etc.  Funeral Masses will continue to be offered. 

Religious Education: For questions about religious education email faith-formation@scswilmde.org

Groups / Meetings: I encourage members of our committees, councils and prayer communities to keep in touch.  Virtual meetings and conversations can be set up.
To find out how to set these up email: remote-meeting-support@scswilmde.org

Diocese of Wilmington Website:  www.cdow.org


Give Us This Day: Free digital access www.GUTD.net -- click DIGITAL at the top of the page
(daily and Sunday readings, prayer, saints, reflections and art)


Psychology Today Article: “5 steps to living with uncertainty during the Corona Virus” click link


What we are going through is unprecedented.  Let’s be particularly aware of those who have the virus, and all the medical personnel who care for them.  Let’s be aware of the many, many people out of work, especially those in service jobs, who live from paycheck to paycheck, as well as the small businesses, e.g. restaurants that will struggle to survive.  I also urge you to accept the grace God gives to put some of the spare time that may be given you by the shut-down into having a more personal conversation as family, to pray aloud together, to read scripture or meaningful books, yes, even to be contemplative.  Nothing, even evil, happens outsides God’s will.  As individuals, as a nation, what will we learn from this?  Perhaps that our consumer, hard work, individual-fulfillment economy is not sustainable or even a good way to live.

I myself am fully available and will be glad to hear from you.  We can do all things in the One who strengthens us.

In our Lord,

Fr. John Hynes

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