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Saint Vincent DePaul Society

Remember St. Vincent De Paul Society is available to help any Neighbor in Need. If you know anyone, please have them call 302-633-4907. One of our members checks the phone daily.

Our food closet is in need of: Coffee, Sugar, Cereal, Tuna, Milk, Pancakes mix & syrup, Mashed potato, Mac N Cheese, Peanut butter & Jelly, Rice, Pasta, Flour, Oil, Stuffing, Yams

Thank you for your continued generosity!

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Sign up for Flock Note

Flocknote: Sign up to receive updates and notifications from the parish and ministries via email or text through Flocknote. Text SCS to 84576 or connect with us online: stcatherineofsiena12.flocknote.


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