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St. Catherine of Siena Church

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Website Evaluation
How often do you visit our site?
 3 or 4 times a week
 Once a week
 2-3 times a month
 Less than monthly
 Never, I just found this site by accident.
What type of information do you look on the website for?
 Mass Times
 Sunday Bulletin
 Calendar Information
 Religious Education Information
 Youth Ministry News
 Current Events
 Committee Descriptions
 Pastor's Desk
 Reading Material
 Sacramental Prep
How likely are you to refer to the website for any questions about the parish?
 Very Likely
 Somewhat Likely
 Somewhat Unlikely
How easy to use do you find the calendar function on the website? (able to find information quickly, sort information, etc.)
 I find it easy to use.
 I find it difficult to find relevant information.
 I've never looked at the calendar on the website.
Is the site easy to navigate through and can you find what you want easily?
How do you rate the appearance of the website?
 Very attractive
 Needs improvement
Does the information seem relevant and up to date?
Would you be interested in mobile version of the web site for smart phone users?
 Yes!  I live on my smart phone.
 It would be nice, but not necessary.
 The computer version is enough for me.
Which Web browser (s) do you use?*
 Internet Explorer
 Google Chrome
 What's a web browser?
Are there any areas of the website that you have trouble viewing or don't look formatted properly?*
Is there anything that you feel the website is missing? How can we make this more of a helpful tool for you and other parishioners to use?
Any other comments or suggestions?
Name and E-mail address (all information will remain private). Only will be used to contact you if you are one of our winners!
Thank you!!

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