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Howdy from Route 66 and the Mojave Desert.   How quickly time has flown by.  I just got my computer system running this week.  I felt so lost without it.  It is terrible how addicted we can become over material things but sometimes without them life can be hectic.
The good news is that Marie and I are very happy in our new home here in AZ.  If any of you wish to write to us our address is 3823 Walleck Ranch Drive, Kingman AZ 86409.  We don’t actually live on a ranch but the development used to be a ranch.  Yesterday we officially became residents here when I registered our car and got my new driver’s license.  So what is Kingman like?  Yes it is hot but with very low humidity, between 10 and 25%.  No we don’t have snakes in our back yard or scorpions either.  Our back and front yards are 100% colored stones and pavers - - no grass to cut.  The people are very friendly no matter where you go or shop.  Everything is very convenient including all the stores and even Home Depot - - all within 1 ½ miles of our house.  The church however, the only church, is 3 ½ miles away - - - too far to walk to.  The next closest church is about 45 min from here.  Not the convenience of choosing which church to attend like back East.
Our son has been here from CA twice now and without his help we would not have been able to unpack all the boxes and put things in order.  We still have a little work to do, but the house is starting to look like and feel like home. We only met one neighbor so far, Cathy and Don across the street.  A lot of people in this area go to cooler climates in the summer and come back here for Fall through Spring. 
Marie and I are simply enjoying time together.  Both of us are healthy and getting lots of rest.  When the weather gets a little cooler we will start visiting some of the many National Parks around here, almost in our back yard.  The sunsets here are gorgeous as well as the cloud formations.  Retirement out here is peaceful, very little traffic, with lots of opportunities for sightseeing - - Grand Canyon only 2 1/2 hrs away and the Nat Parks in UT are only 4 to 8 hours away.
We keep all of you in our prayers and think of you often - - especially when your humidity is high.  Pray God will grant us many more years together to enjoy His creation and find new ways to serve Him by serving others.
Y’ull don’t forget to write to us or at least email us at my new email address, jsicnarf1@gmail.com
Deacon Francis and Marie

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