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SCS Parish Life

St. Catherine of Siena Church
2503 Centerville Road

Wilmington, DE  19808


SCS Parish Life

Parish Life encompasses many aspects but in particular, as the title says, the "Life"  or the vitality, the well being, the strength, the hope, the love that exists among the members of the parish.  It is the hope and responsibility of all the parishioners to bring that "Life" into the parish and make it thrive.  While committees in any organization bring leadership to the people and for the people, it is the people themselves that sustain the life of the parish. 

An important segment of our parish is Spanish speaking immigrants, mainly from Mexico.  Our Hispanic Committee coordinates the celebrations and the social and prayer events of our Hispanic Community.  Key areas of ministry are:  Worship, Catechesis, social and pastoral ministries which are carried out by our bilingual pastoral staff.  Our constant goal is ecclesiastical integration to function more and more as a united faith community with Hispanic members taking increasing responsibility for the parish, and assuming leadership roles.

Some of the building-block ministries here at St Catherine's are listed in the left column of this web page.  Click on them to learn more how you may possibly become involved in the parish in building up the kingdom of God.

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