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SCS Parish Life

St. Catherine of Siena Church
2503 Centerville Road

Wilmington, DE  19808




Anyone who has a special talent or interest in the area of art and creative use of atmosphere is to contact the liturgy committee through the parish office and offer their talents.  Some of the talents needed are; flower arrangements, care of altar linens, purchasing of liturgy needs such as altar wine, hosts, candles, incense, etc.; care of altar servers and priests vestments, decorating the church for special occasions.

A willingness to work with others and to devote some time to the church to learn how to do some of the above is more important than coming already experienced.

No "ministry" should ever be considered as - - "once I volunteer I am expected to do this forever."  Your generosity and time is always appreciated no matter how little or how much, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you may be.
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