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St. Catherine of Siena Church
2503 Centerville Road

Wilmington, DE  19808


St Catherine's Liturgical Ministers Schedule
Diocese of Wilmington
The DIALOG Catholic Newspaper of Wilmington

The "Dialog" print edition, sent to each parish in the diocese every other week, will be updated daily with news about the Church locally as well as with news around the world. Dialog First Friday will also be sent to online readers who join the e-community through their parish or register online. This First Friday monthly newsletter will promote upcoming events and activities in the diocese and feature slide shows, video and audio files with news and feature stories.

All Saints Catholic School

All Saints Catholic School is an interparochial school, founded originally to continue quality Catholic education in the Millcreek Cluster area, and specifically for the parishes of Corpus Christi, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Mary of the Assumption, and St. Matthew.  The governance model for All Saints Catholic School will be consistent with models of governance in place at other Catholic schools sponsored by multiple parishes in the Diocese of Wilmington.

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