Pastoral Thought




            Ascension today leads us to Pentecost next Sunday. Jesus says that if he does not leave our visible sight, the Spirit will not come.... But when he does come, the Spirit with lead us into all truth!

            This is true for the whole Church and for each of us. As a faithful Christian matures, you come into a deeper awareness of your existence. It usually is experienced through deepened relationship with others: understanding, empathy, intuitive love, courageous love that calmly dares all dangers, capacity to pardon all injuries, a sense of oneness with others, even the stranger.

            This deeper truer realization of our identity is the work of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Jesus, who becomes our interior ‘other self.’ We who are blessed to know Jesus, can name this presence as the Holy Spirit. And we know that the Holy Spirit works invisibly, un-named, throughout humanity, leading to Jesus.

            In our individual lives, and in the life of the Church, the Spirit leads us into All Truth...not a different Gospel, but a deeper understanding of the one Gospel, and how to live it.

Father John Hynes