Pastoral Thought


                I will ask you this coming weekend to respond to our Diocesan Appeal. As you know, it will support ministries of our Catholic Church which reach far beyond our immediate parish. Let me state its importance in this year of Our Lord 2019.

            First of all, we are the “Catholic church, that is “world wide” or “throughout the whole of humanity.” We exist for the sake of the whole human race. We live out and share “all that Christ has commanded us.” This means both our faith and hope in Him, and the works of mercy which—He told us—are done to Him. And our part of humanity is this region—the Wilmington Diocese.

            So the Appeal covers not only the internal functioning of the Church, but our outreach to the brother and sister who may not be in full communion with us. And rightly so.

            I would further say that, in this difficult and painful era of scandals within the Church, we affirm our faith in Jesus by carrying out His purposes through His Body the Church. If our structure needs reforming, let it come, let’s contribute our part in discerning what and how. Our Pastoral Council is committed to this.

            And in the meantime, we show our faith commitment by our support of the mission God gives us.

Father John Hynes