Pastoral Thought


            This is Catholic Schools Week. The feasts of saints who were Catholic educators loom before us:  Angela Merici, John Neumann, Thomas Aquinas, Francis deSales, and others. Children from our Catholic School—All Saints—are taking part in all our Masses in uniform. How can we celebrate this best?

            Begin with appreciation that our Catholic tradition insists that the natural powers of the mind, i.e., human reason, have the ability to penetrate the visible realities in front of us, and the invisible which is the abstract world of math, of some science and philosophy. We believe that any knowledge we acquire is not the enemy of faith, but is illuminated and sharpened by faith.

            When faith in God and in Jesus informs the human mind, a learner can see science, technology, and the course of human events in the light of God’s purpose. Blind forces and random events can be seen in a wise and hopeful perspective.

            This is a bit abstract, but important. Catholic schools present a synthesis of natural human reasoning and the insight of faith. We are very glad to have All Saints School as part of us. Our 35 parish children there are getting first-rate attention. We will give an assist with today’s second collection. May God bless and guide all Catholic educators. If you have young children I urge you to check out All Saints!!

Father John Hynes