Pastoral Thought



            “Come Lord Jesus” will be our prayer weekly beginning next Sunday, the beginning of Advent.  Give some thought to making Jesus’ coming important in your home. Use the Advent wreath and its scriptures or prayers. Take a tag from the Jesse Tree to help the poor. Place an empty manger or dish with straw on your dining room table. Come to the Guadalupe Novenas December 3-11. Or simply agree to pray together every evening.

            His coming takes different forms, all important for us. Jesus came as a newborn baby. But to the earliest Christians his Second Coming at the end of time was more important, for that would complete God’s redemption of us all. Maranatha, “Come O Lord” is the final phrase in Revelation, the final book of the Bible. We can pray this at every stage of our life. (Think of receiving First Holy Communion—of all our Holy Communions). And we realize that Jesus will come to us in this life many times in disguised form as a suffering human being. (“I was hungry and you gave me to eat”). And he comes for each of us at the end of earthly life.

            Begin Advent this coming Sunday, December 2, by coming before or after Mass, from 9AM-1PM, to our Breakfast in Bethlehem (save room) and making an Advent Wreath. Christmas shopping has a place, but the high-stakes commercial atmosphere will quickly make Jesus Coming fade, unless we focus our homes and personal lives with Advent rituals and prayers, and put aside some of our money to help the needy.

                        Father John Hynes