Pastoral Thought




A person who is loved, and knows he or she is loved from an early age is already experiencing God. So all the ways you parents give affection, care, discipline, training, and more, are working together with God. It is crucial that your child come to know God, and Jesus explicitly, so that he or she understands why we live the Christian life: ‘Love God above all things; and your neighbor as yourself.’ When you do this with your child, you are acting as a disciple of Jesus.


Your child should learn about God and Jesus from you. Family prayer together matters. So do your informal talks. Religious Education in our parish, starting at age 6, builds upon the foundation you have made. We all deeply appreciate the catechists who teach our children on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. They continue and advance what you do.


We need more catechists for our children. You are already a disciple. Is this the time for you to help other children as a catechist? Think about that. Speak to our religious education office to see how you might help.


Adults who want to experience their calling as disciples, are invited to consider ALPHA during October and November (check the notice). It will deepen your faith in Jesus, and it would be a great experience for anyone who has no Church, or has questions about God. If you have a friend, relative or co-worker in this position, invite them. It can change lives.

Father John Hynes