Pastoral Thought



            A labor of love, love of parish community, of fellow workers, of all the people who will benefit—that is our parish festival. Those of you who helped in all the different ways come from three generations, a couple of different cultures (check the menu). Many helped, proportionate to the size of our parish. I want to especially thank our leaders, John Mazalewski, Matt Krawczyk and Stephanie Holt, Nate and Debbie Bolton, Beth Angeline and Jaime Reyes. There are many more I could mention—and will, later.

            The committee began working at the turn of the year, right up until the last booth was dismantled this past Sunday. The proceeds from our festival will be a much-needed help to our parish, particularly for the Christian formation of our children, both in religious ed and Catholic School. It will be a month or two before we can calculate the net profit. We can at least say that the two nights of rain saved Delaware’s corn and soy beans crop (don’t say it’s ‘just chicken feed’, either), though it penalized us. I appreciate keenly the courageous good spirit and ingenuity with which our festival leaders withstood the threatened collapse of the main tent It means a lot to me that you put so much of your heart and soul into our parish venture, knowing how chance can spoil it.

            The reason we do this extensive six-day celebration is not primarily money. We help build up our community in many ways—and festival is one. Many children come with parents and grandparents, children whose families do not go away for vacation because they can’t. I am more grateful each year that we can still do this, and I thank all who helped.

            Father John Hynes