Pastoral Thought



            FESTIVAL!!  We will never—here in the USA—be able to match the wonderful fiestas of medieval Europe or present-day Latin America or India. For them it is a time when the ordinary way of the world stops and a magic time prevails. Even the poor can feel free to celebrate and be part of a Bigger Life.

            Still our festival is much more than a fundraising event. We are inviting all the world around us to stop for a while, relax, and enjoy being alive. Watching your kids laugh on the rides, or the young teenage girls screaming on the scarier ones, expands the soul. Bumping into the middle aged in the dance tent with old comrades. The tenacious, loyalty of all our members who work the festival and give it your best for the six days always warms my heart. Some of you were helping the week before, some were planning months ahead. I thank you all.

            In all this we are a community, the local Family of God. We welcome all, especially hard-working families with children who can’t go away for vacation. And we welcome old members who have moved, and newcomers who have never been inside a Catholic church. I hope you recognize here the care, the acceptance, the warm welcome of God’s family which is St. Catherine of Siena at Prices Corner, Wilmington Delaware.

            Father John Hynes