Pastoral Thought


            This spring I looked at the periwinkle and cinquefoil and all the other weeds devouring my garden and said aloud:  “I give up. You guys win!”

            I said it with a good spirit, because I had decided last fall “No more vegetable garden.” It does take some work, and I need to conserve my forces. Maybe the biggest part is weeding and preventing weeds. In the end—as I see it—the weeds won.

            So, in praise of weeds, let me say that a lot of them are quite lovely to look at, if you can bring your mind around to it. The periwinkles (blue) and the cinquefoils (yellow) have flowers. Queen Ann’s Lace (AKA Wild Carrot) is quite beautiful if you look up close. Even wild grass has a certain stoic charm. And where would we be without Black-Eyed Susan, Honeysuckle and wild Marigolds? And my favorite wild flowers: Goldenrod and New England Aster.

            Weeds grow were nothing else will. The hold soil in place, reduce CO² and basically shield Mother Earth from shameful nakedness. And they give you a good workout.

            So I think that is a left-handed way I carry out the owner’s command in Jesus’ parable about the weeds and the wheat:  “Let them grow together till the  harvest.”

Father John Hynes