I have been a priest of Wilmington for almost 53 years, and the Diocese is my home and family—I have lived in this region all my life—I know Northern New Castle County best, but I know the Eastern Shore and downstate Delaware too, and persons old and young, alive and dead, in every part. Some have been here 300 years, some immigrated here 20, or 10, or one year ago. I care about every part. I have taught and involved myself in Catholic Schools for all but eleven of these years. Hispanic ministry for 23 years. Six parishes, including St. Catherine’s twice!

            All this I say because I feel strongly that we must support the Annual Appeal.  If you haven’t pledged, please do so. At least give it serious thought. We come to God as a whole people. We are not an isolated little sect, building up our own kingdom of St. Catherine. Because the Catholic Church is catholic, i.e., the home “for all people”, we have to be organized as an institution to carry out extensive responsibilities. Without the institution, i.e., diocese, we would lose our Catholic nature. But the “institution” is really a family, a family I know well.

            So, please, reach out to the Bigger Family by pledging—if not today then next week—to the Appeal. When you forget to help your family, you have wandered away too far.

                                    Father John Hynes