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            D.A.C.A. is the government policy which gives immigrants who came here illegally as children and grew up American a stay from deportation, and a chance at citizenship. Presently the decision to continue this policy is up to Congress. Most people in our country, and many of Congress, from both parties, have been supportive of retaining this policy.

            However the renewal of this policy is threatened. Basically Republicans want to fund a wall between the USA and Mexico in return for allowing the “Dreamers” a chance. Democrats refuse this compromise. If that is oversimplifying it, I plead guilty.

            I urge all who read this to support the renewal of the Dream Act. As regards the wall, I certainly believe in the right of our nation—and every country—to control its borders. But I do not believe that a wall is a good means or a good symbol. The only other walls we know are the Berlin Wall—a symbol of freedom denied, and the wall in Israel, which buys Israeli security at the cost of innocent Palestinian suffering. I prefer to see immigration law reform by Congress.

            The drugs that pour over our border are not going to be stopped by a wall. Most come in through legal checkpoints. Immigration of any kind from Mexico has diminished to zero for the last 8 years. Why? More jobs there, fewer here.

            It is unjust to punish with expulsion law-abiding families who have labored in our country, for our country, and raised children to be responsible members of society. As most police will tell you: “I am a police officer to lock up criminals, not to pursue people who contribute to society and commit no crime.”

            It would be good to write to our congressional representatives to urge that DACA be renewed. Good also to support our current state and county policy of not using our police for federal immigration law enforcement.

                                                            Father John Hynes