I have just enjoyed a week by the ocean, in South Beach, Miami, thanks to kind friends. A lot of reading and a lot of swimming, and some writing. Swimming a mile or so in the gorgeous green and blue water each day is the real high point. And thankfully I visit some family and friends on the way.

            Why mention this? Sheer enjoyment for one, but also to remind us that the right kind of vacation, and the right kind of ‘day off’ and holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving are part of God’s design for us...a “Sabbath”, a time for rest and enjoyment—whatever form it takes.

            I am seventy-eight years old, and hope to remain active as a pastor for at least seven more years. God gave me good genes, and I have worked at living a well-balanced healthy for the body, the mind, for friendships, family, prayer. The life of a ‘shepherd’, a parish priest has challenged me to be a better person than I ever could have been otherwise. Little by little, doing “all the right things” becomes fulfilling, rewarding, a joy.

            I love the Church with a passion, starting with St. Catherine’s. I intent to stay as healthy and active as I can, to accompany all of you into a renewed, reformed, life-giving future.

                                                            Father John Hynes