Pastoral Thought





            Some of us are lighting the Advent wreath and saying a prayer these weeks. Some of you have been meeting in each other’s’ homes to pray the Guadalupe Novena, in English and Spanish, and share refreshments and parts of your lives afterwards.

            I hope many of you take a few minutes frequently during the week to pray aloud together in family prayer. Advent offers a great opportunity for this, but I am speaking of all year round.

            Grace before meals is important, but I am speaking of more than that. It can be very simple—between husband and wife, or any family members. To join hands and pray the Our Father is a great thing to do. If you have a 2 or 3-year-old, he and she will beg to join in. The child will understand that his parents do this out of personal conviction, not in order to teach some lesson.

            I believe that the deepest love for your spouse, your children, your other loved ones requires you to pray for them, and also to pray with them. “The family that prays together stays together.” This is true. When family members pray aloud together, they are letting down the barriers to loving and understanding one another, including stubbornness and pride. It’s a humbling thing. And it makes you immensely strong.

Father John Hynes