Pastoral Thought



            A thought for Thanksgiving. The word “Eucharist”, meaning what we celebrate every Sunday until the end of time, when Christ comes again, means “Thanksgiving.” It is the best word the Church could find to express what God does with us and what we give back to God:  God gives us our very existence day by day, gives us the freedom to choose who we shall be, and favors many of us with gifts not given to others. Above all God reconciles us when we have been self-destructive. Everything that took place in the life of Jesus is made present, for us to share in, when the Eucharist is celebrated.

            And so I urge two specific acts this week: take part in Thanksgiving Day 9AM Mass (bring non-perishable food for the food closet) and attend the 7PM Wednesday evening ecumenical service at St. John the Beloved Church. Members and pastors of eleven other Christian Churches in our area will take part. Today we cannot share the Body of Christ at a common table. Tomorrow—in God’s time—we will celebrate the full Eucharist in Christian Unity.

            In the meantime let us pray and work together to make a society which is good for all people and where it is easier for people to be good.

Father John Hynes