Pastoral Thought






            “The one who shall teach God’s law shall be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven.”  These words of our Lord apply to all who are catechists in our community. Jesus emphasized the importance of passing on His message in its fullness. Let me say how I think this applies to you men and women, and some of our youth, who serve as catechists.

            The fullness of Jesus’ message can be summed up in the twofold commandment: ‘Love God above all things, and your neighbor as yourself.’ Jesus brought it to completeness by saying ‘Love one another as I have loved you.’ Elsewhere He said “Unless you accept the Kingdom of God like a little child, you shall not enter into it.”  So the Christian message is simple and yet it demands everything of us, both in our thinking and in our doing. For those of us who are blessed with great intelligence and have extensive responsibilities, the Message demands that we study and reflect to answer the question: “What is God saying to me in this situation?” or ‘What is my responsibility in that encounter?” It also requires us to listen and to take in new points of view. As adult people, our formation in faith is never ended.

            As a catechist with little people, God’s truth requires us to be creative, to embody it in stories, songs, rituals, even games. Most people are good with certain age groups, not others. I have a special respect for those who catechize adolescents, middle school through high school. But whatever age and stage of life, God’s Word is there to guide us. I thank God for our catechists, its interpreters.  

Father John Hynes