‘Prayer for Peace in Wilmington’ will take place in churches and religious congregations, and also in other groups dedicated to healing our society. I have told the organizations that our parish will take part in this, both in our Sunday intercessions and in all our small communities that regularly meet for prayer.

            “Wilmington” means all of us here in northern New Castle County. You may live in the suburbs, but our children in the public schools are mingled together. Many of us work in Wilmington. Many of us grew up there or have relatives there. It’s an eight-minute drive away.

            The ‘peace’ we pray for is a gift of God, but conditioned upon our willingness to receive it. It has to come through acts of justice. This means actions to improve our educational system, job creation and job training, and the awareness and will to overcome drug addiction. It must include a deeper value placed on marriage and child raising by both parents. And we seek confidence and cooperation between law-enforcement officers and the communities they protect. These actions need more than human effort and good will. They need God’s inspiration and grace. But they are actions within our power as individuals and a society.

            I have asked each of our prayer communities to pray that we may see and accept our responsibility to work for a society in Wilmington and New Castle County where it is easier for young people to be good persons. We ask God to help us work out an educational system that helps all our youth learn; an economic system that allows each person opportunity to work; good models of marriage, parenting and self-discipline for the young.

Father John Hynes