We begin Catholic Schools Week next week. You will notice the roll of the saints that we call upon this month:

Mother Elizabeth Ann Seton - Foundress of schools, of the American Sisters of Charity, our first native-born saint.

Archbishop John Neumann - founder of the Catholic school system in the USA, as Archbishop of Philadelphia.

Bishop Francis deSales - spiritual guide and teacher, and patron of the Oblates who bear his name (Salesianum) and the Visitation nuns, patron also of our Diocese of Wilmington.

Mother Angela Merici - foundress of the Ursuline sisters.

Thomas Aquinas - the church’s greatest theologian, who boldly synthesized the most advanced human knowledge of his time with our faith [we need a new Thomas!] to make a relevant coherent intellectual tradition.

John Bosco - probably the Church’s greatest guide and teacher of boys, both of orphans, of street kids; yet also a founder of high quality schools in the Salesian tradition.

The Catholic Church welcomes all human knowledge and believes that the best and highest scientific, sociological, psychological, historical and literary knowledge does not threaten our faith in God, but challenges us to deeper insights and applications. Our Catholic schools aim at the love of all that is true, good, and beautiful. The honest search for knowledge leads persons to God. Our schools honor that path of discovery.

Father John Hynes