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SCS Religious Education

Michelle Hogan
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Whole Family Faith Formation Schedule

St. Catherine of Siena Religious Education
2019-2020 Whole Family Faith Formation Schedule
Designated Sundays, 10:30 am to 2:00 pm
For information about this program, please call or email Michelle Hogan, Director of
Religious Education, at 302-633-4903 or
On the following Sundays, we will attend 10:30 am Mass together, share a potluck lunch with family discussion and activity, and then separate into adults and student grade groups for class.  Each family will also be given materials to share at home in preparation for Mass on the Sundays we are not together. 
Group activities are geared to children and adults of all ages, and the adult discussion is directed and led by adult group leaders and follows a curriculum decided upon by members of the group. Single adults and married couples without children are welcome to attend this faith formation group.
Sunday, September 29
Sunday, October 27
Sunday, November 24
Sunday, December 1 (Breakfast in Bethlehem)
Sunday, January 26
Sunday, February 23
Sunday, March 29
Sunday, April 26

At least one parent or guardian must attend with the children of each family.

Please note that if your son or daughter will celebrate First Reconciliation and Eucharist this year, there are additional classes and activities which the student and family must attend.
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