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Welcome to St. Catherine of Siena Parish!

We seek to be a welcoming community.  We invite you to make this your spiritual home, whether you are a longtime parishioner or occasional visitor.   We hope that our web site will provide you with infomation needed to inspire, encourage, or just make you more informed about who we are and what we represent.  It is a normal thing for God's people to rejoice with those who rejoice and to weep with those who weep.

Please see our UPCOMING EVENTS Section and the Sunday bulletin for a full list of announcements.  


Although we began as a parish in 1960, we - - the Catholic people - - have been here in Delaware since the early 18th century, before our state and our country or our diocese.  Not far from here is the Coffee Run Cemetery, where these forbearers in the Faith are buried:  Father Kenny, Cornelius, and Sally Holahan, and many more.  And we have a mission for today, to be leaven and salt in our society, our country and our schools.

Come join us if you are already not a registered member.  Come and share and worship with us as a faith filled comunity.  Take a look around and see if you can be part of us.  Stop in to say hello, and stay with us.

Father John Hynes, Pastor

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